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Need SEO? Got it. What about PPC? No problem. Perhaps a bit of HTML? Yep. Want to improve your ROI? Of course! These are just a few important acronyms that the Leadgenix team has down pat. The Internet can get confusing, but that’s why you hire an Internet marketing company.

If your site looks great, but never attracts visitors, does it still exist?


Search Engine Optimization…

You know you need to do it, but you don’t know how. It’s important for the well-being of your company, but you don’t exactly know why. Riddle solved: SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the front-runner service here at Leadgenix. And let’s be honest—it’s best to be first. While our other services are just as necessary, SEO is at the core of any online marketing strategy. Where is your company being found online?

Our SEO team has tamed Pandas and Penguins, discouraged farming, and yet encouraged Tweeting for all. Our dedicated account managers view themselves as your educator and employee as they work on optimizing your account from top to bottom. If you are looking for the latest SEO practices to fit your needs, the search ends here—and here the search engine work begins.


Other SEO services offered:
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Local / Maps Optimization



Building up your online reputation is not a passive process. Fortunately, our social media marketing services know just what it takes to not only put you right in front of your target market, but also to build those lasting relationships that will create value.

If you have ever wondered what a hashtag is, why every woman in the world “found it on Pinterest,” or why you are being invited to join someone’s virtual circle, you have come to the right place. While social media success does not happen overnight, those are when some of our greatest ideas come to us.

Here @Leadgenix, we take social media properties and leverage them to become places of interaction and growth. Whether you have already established these properties for your business or not, hand over the reins—we’ll take it from here.


Other Social Media services offered:
Reputation Management



To some, appearance is everything. In regards to your website, beauty comes from the conversion within. Think of it this way: building a website with us is like getting a makeover and visiting a therapist at the same time.

Why? Because not only will we design your site as a flawless piece of art, but also it will be conditioned to direct visitors (and search engines) just where you want them. Gone are the days when web design was solely about aesthetics—a site without a purpose is like a programmer without a keyboard.

Our Leadgenix web design and development team will seamlessly guide you through the maze of website construction to create a higher-quality, lower-cost option than many of our competitors. After all, the beautiful conversion within will still take some external legwork.


Other Web services offered:
Hosting Solutions


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