Social Media


Do you see it? That’s your target market out there just waiting to be captured. Solidify those followers, fans, and connections in your networks for everyone to see by putting yourself in the social spotlight. Don’t worry about stage fright; we’re here to coach you through it all.

Social Media Optimization

Let’s talk about some pretty impressive numbers. Twitter has 460 hundred thousand new accounts created each day (no, I didn’t mess up my word order). Impressive? How about this: YouTube has 800 million users visit every month. More Impressive? Try this on for size. Facebook has ONE BILLION users – that is one seventh of the world’s population. Now you’re really impressed.

Social media is the fastest-growing marketing medium of our time. Not only is it a great way to see pictures of your friend’s freshly baked cookies or videos of your nephew’s first steps, but also it is a fantastic way for you to connect with new potential clients. Building relationships has never been easier—have you taken the opportunity?

Taking advantage of social media will have a tremendous impact on your business. Imagine being placed in front of your exact target market and building up a relationship with them—this is what social media is all about. If you’re not sure how to do this, let Leadgenix help you out.

Reputation Management

An online reputation is easily soiled. One nasty review and your business’ world could come crashing down in flames. Okay, maybe one bad review isn’t that terrible, but it does paint a negative picture about your company. Our reputation management services help you show the world what your customers really think by putting those rare negative reviews where they really belong (on the 4th page of Google, not the 1st).

A social SEO tactic, reputation management involves building up controlled properties online and ranking those above any negative material that may be floating around. Though a pretty simple concept, it takes some serious effort and know-how to do it right. Leadgenix will not only help fix your damaged online reputation, but also protect you so you never have to worry about having one.


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