SEO is dead: how you can be reunited in Google heaven

The days of optimizing your website specifically for the purpose of ranking on search engines is over. Google has killed just about all of the old SEO tactics. Keyword stuffing, mass directory submissions, guest blogging through guest blogging services, and all of the other things that your SEO guy used to do to get your

What is the Future of Google+?

Since its release in 2011, Google+ (which is sometimes called Google Plus) has received a lot of attention and hype. The search engine behemoth Google wanted to enter the social media world and go beyond it. Google+ does far more than social media, it carries SEO weight as well. It has been said that it is the intersection

Is the Panda update influencing your site?

How do you organize your office? Are you the creative type that can’t be concerned with filing cabinets? Do you have piles of folders, documents, and receipts scattered throughout your office? Or, are you the meticulous, organized type that has an assigned place for everything? If you relate more closely with the creative type, perhaps

Leadgenix Sponsors Electronic Security Summit

We’re excited to announce our involvement in the upcoming conference for small and medium-sized businesses in the electronic security industry. Leadgenix is excited to increase our involvement with this important business vertical and to participate with Advisory Summit Providers for this conference held at the one-of-a-kind Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. We look forward to visiting

MozCon 2014 – Seattle’s SEO Conference

The SEO Event of the Year There seems to be a convention dedicated to every topic, from technology to medicine, and yes, there are even conferences dedicated SEO. One of the most popular SEO conferences is MozCon. MozCon is run by Moz, a SEO software company that provides a number of useful tools for internet

Top 70 Citation Sites for Local SEO

As seen in the Local Search Ranking Factors of 2013, seven of the 83 high-priority ranking factors have to do with citations. And five of the top 20 local search ranking factors have to do with structured citations (IYPs, data aggregators) and citations from locally- and industry-relevant domains. Three Trusted Sources of Top Citation Sites To help

A New Trend in Marketing

The release of the third film in the Hunger Games series, “Mockingjay Part 1,” is being hotly anticipated. Their marketing team knows it, and we at Leadgenix have noticed. They’ve taken a new direction in their campaign for this film than they have in the past two, and although it doesn’t mention the film’s name,

Why Pay For Social Media Ads?

So you’ve created a social media presence with your business, you post valuable content daily, and you always respond to your viewers. But you can’t seem to increase your page likes, followers, or circles. You are frustrated and losing hope. What is the “x-factor” you’re missing?? Let me tell you what can make such a